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FEBRUARY 5th, 2019



Welcome to my new personal website!


I invite you to discover the wealth of achievements of my lifetime posted here.  Although lacking in any too fancy, I intend my current postings, which include, among other things, a picture of myself, statements regarding my success in music and in the legal job market, my business card, legal resume, picture, as well as some original music, to give you an approximate sense about me.  It is assumed that there are individuals out there whom would like to contact me at some point, and hence, I am providing my personal email address as follows:




I work full-time as a Paralegal at the Decker Law Office.  This is a law firm where we not only deal with Civil Litigation, such as Social Security Disability Rights, Fraud, and Personal Injury Claims, but also with preparing wills for clients.  Here, my responsibilities include making sure everything is ready for court hearings; preparing motions to the Court; preparing Subpoenas and serving them on persons related to suits; communicating with other Law Offices, Judge’s Offices, and Social Security Administration; dealing with public relations and clientele; familiarizing myself with cases; requesting medical records for clients; preparing documents for Social Security and submitting the same; doing billing; and analyzing various medical records for purposes of generating a summary of the same.  We are situated in the greater Albuquerque area - - right across the street from Wal-Mart on Wyoming by Menaul.  If you need assistance with your SDDI claim, personal injury matter, fraud case, or will, then feel free to contact our office, as our lines are always open for the intake and possibly rendering of services for those in need.  Be open to visiting our website at:


After graduating from High School but before my successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree (cum Laude) from Berklee’s Music Business/Management program, I had already learned more than what is require to successfully manage and run a music group, illustrated by my artist management work in Madison, WI, where I acted as an artist manager by preparing press kit and booking venues.  Subsequent to these efforts to this end, I was fortunate to act as a performing artist through my own efforts in the performance of 80 musical rock and a 60’s and 70’s band revealed in The University of Wisconsin – Madison area.  My bookings included bars, parties, fraternity houses, and other venues/parties, such as wedding – which did pay reasonably, approximately $1,500.00/night - - in Madison, WI.  I am looking forward to once again managing and leading a good performing rock/blues band from here in Albuquerque, NM.  If you are at some point interested in booking me at your venue, party, or event, please email me at my above posted email mailbox.


1.     I recommend you listen to my musical made easily available via the above music link.

2.     I recommend you attend a college and consider obtain a professional graduate degree.

3.     I recommend you find your place in society and thrive.

4.     I recommend you become happy

5.     I recommend you use a checklist.


Thank you for your interest in my website.  I welcome you to re-visit my page in the future for continued updates.



John Henrickson


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