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Johnís Perspective on Time:


Time does not really exist.  There is no time in existence.  Itís a made up concept by someone insecure about his existence as a human living his lifetime.


It was quite obvious in the 1960's that everything was different in comparison to what is in existence now.  The way people felt, acted, and accomplished things is way different than what it is like now.  They talk about being mindful; well look at Howling Wolf, and how his actions reflect what was stated as being substantially different than what is in existence at this time.


And what the fuck?What was the person thinking when he came up with the word ďCalfĒ?I mean really, what the fuck????


I recommend you go to the link provided following this sentence, and enjoy what life should be like!!!!!! time frames of self and interaction with others.  These "things" as we call them, do not regularly come about here within the last, let's say, 50 years. 


The John Henrickson Number Theory:How Does it Relates to Possible Materialization?


Here is my unconscionable theory about numbers and how it could relate to the happening of materialization.


Although it may seem unconscionable, the number one never reaches the number two.  When you calculate using on decimal points, .999999 repeating going up infinitely, yet for some reason, it never, even in infinity, reaches 1.  Is that not amazing, or what!!!!  And as you begin to think about it, it becomes unconscionable, and the more unconscionable the numbers roll off, the more fascinating it becomes.  The only way you would be able to accomplish this feat would be to be Jesus Christ.  Must have been the sort of logic that used when creating computers.


Here is another way to look at numbers!!!!  How, what other way than in fractions!!!!!!!!!  Here, we have an infinitely different number of fractions, none of which can ever represent infinity, standing alone, by an absolute unequivocal representation of a fraction.


Here is an interesting note: based on the pattern of fractions in 9.  Look, when you follow the existing pattern of 1/9, to 2/9, to 3/9, to 4/9, to 5/9, to 6/9, to 7/9, to 8/9, you simply get .1 repeating, .2 repeating, .3 repeating, .4 repeating, .5 repeating, .6 repeating, .7 repeating, and .8 repeating, respectively and infinitely.  And then we get to 9/9, this is a situation where we are focused on how the previous pattern I made mention of, rises to the height of .9 repeating being the theoretical next step in the pattern, but 9/9 does not equal .9 repeating, but rather 1 so that conclusion does not follow.  Therefore, when dealing with fractions in cycles of nine in the denominator, there is something awkward that happens.


However, thinking about having infinity in the numerator as well as the denominator on a wonderful mathematical adventure today, this number simply does not exist, unless you think at the distant and remote edges of the later explicitly expressed infinity expression by me, very critically.  My theory is what if the same representation of infinity extends for eternity in both directions, and there is indeed a theoretical expression represented by infinity in the numerator and the denominator hence satisfying the requisites of math and the time continuum at the same time. But how this magical number is impossible according to regular understanding of fractions and how it is relevant to mathematics, since a straight line is also an impossibility due to how no whole number can ever form, results in there being an impossibility or utterly disturbing impracticability for there to actually be an absolutely straight line on a graph.


Having said that, I conclude there was something there to begin with.  What?You ask Plain and simply, matter.  A molecule, or tree, something just existing without moving, until it moved itself with itís own gravitational pull and, more likely than not, then inadvertently generated time.Interesting, isnít it????.


You need to consider how this deals with there being a possible material misrepresentation on the part of a 3 dimensional graph that places hardship upon the basis of how math interacts with the time/space continuum.  Because of this misunderstanding of how the 3 dimensional graph can expand, we need to look into representations of infinity.Imagineif they were to expand in all dimensions instantaneously for, a certain amount of time before matter and time collide and cut each other off.  One theory proposed by British Astrophycist Steven Hawkin was that this time the Universe began to expand from the beginning and this time there is now time in existence.  If time is taken and applied forever forward this time, then it could therectically and unequivocally relate to my excellent theory of how infinity may equal one in the timeline of time, and if time as it encounters matter is cut off explicitly correctly, then materialization is indeed possible through continued expansion of time for an infinite number of infinitely separate points.

The question to be answered from this theorization was what are implications about what we clearly know about time, number, matters in regards to future uses for goodness?


The reasoning behind the existing theory that says that fractions can be verified as indeed existing through separate small numbers.  On the other hand, my proposed theory indicates fractions are in and of themselves insufficient to constitute a valid representation of infinity and of any numbers but zero and one, two separate and totally distinct numbers, and attempts to explain how time may be a way for another object of different, or entirely distinct matter to be there separately and completely independent from each other.  This yields it's meaning on balance to conclusion that the existence of matter and it's existence's own self-generated motion at the beginning caused what we call "Time" to form.


But why is this important?  Because if you can actually represent something in a certain length timebox that is cut off from the interaction of matter and time at some point, and then lapse the time to cycle one eternity and sustain the adding up to a whole number fully within the edges of the timebox, then you can take and apply whatís relevant to generating materialization when dealing with matter, and how it relates with my theory of mathematical representation of infinity and the time/space continuum.


Present Work


I work full-time as a Paralegal at the Decker Law Office.  This is a law firm where we not only deal with Civil Litigation, such as Social Security Disability Rights, Fraud, and Personal Injury Claims, but also with drafting and preparing contracts, such as wills for clients.  Here, my main responsibilities include getting everything ready for Court hearings, preparing motions to the Court, preparing Subpoenas and serving them on persons related to suits, and among many others, requesting medical records for clients.


We are situated in the greater Albuquerque area - - right across the street from Wal-Mart on Wyoming by Menaul.  As our lines are always open for the intake and possibly rendering of services for those in need, if you are seeking assistance with your SDDI claim, personal injury matter, fraud case, or will, then please do not hesitate to contact our office.  Visit our website at:



Statements about my musical Endeavors:

I have played and engaged in the performance of musical endeavors since about 1998. I lived in Madison, Wisconsin for about two years, where I was able to book venues and perform at fraternity parties and weddings, etc..... The style of music that we performed was basically blues, 1970's oldies, some alternative rock from the 1990's. The pay for these types of gigs were reasonable.

My main influences include: Nirvana, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, Gun's and Roses, B.B. King, Bon Jovi, and among many others, the Doors. I attended a music college and graduated with Bachelor's degree in the past. At this time, I am wishing to form a rock/blues band that would perform out in the greater Albuquerque area.



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