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Welcome to my personal website.In contains a picture of me, some background
information about me, along with some original music.If you would like contact me, then
feel free to shoot me an email at henricksonjohn@gmail.com.Thank for your time and
interest in my page.And enjoy what I posted here!






Since August of this year, I have worked full-time as a Paralegal at the Decker Law Office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.This Law Firm specializes in representation of Social Security Disability Rights claims, Personal Injury claims, and also deals with insurance defense work.As might be expected, my duties include actively involving myself in an assortment of different tasks that are related to the interests of our firm, such as preparing motions to the Court, generating Subpoenas, communicating with other Law Offices, and among other things, preparing and submitting documents in regards to clients to Social Security.I enjoy the work I do.It is fulfilling, keeps me always busy, in a good environment, and it is a place where I can maintain my focus of my time spent to being productive.Having attended and graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music, and having volunteered at Harvard Law Schoolís Entertainment Legal Clinic - - The Recording Artistsí Project - - as a music business advisor, and having gone to Law School for one year at Brooklyn Law School, I have a good amount of knowledge about the Law that a reasonable person in the position of a member of the public to be led to believe is more than adequate to thrive and function in the legal community.




In addition to working, I regularly enjoy writing and recording music in my inexpensive home recording studio, hanging out with friends, and sometimes going out on the town.As my welcoming statement indicates to you, I have posted several of my great original, and a few of othersí terrific, songs to this site that are within easy access for you.I invite you to happily listen to my music that I spent time tocreate.You can easily access a few of my recorded song by simply clicking on the above music link.The songs posted are were recorded by myself and are most are originals Ė and most of them were recorded in the last year.These songs are now made available for the general publicís enjoyment.


Since I have performed with several bands, booked venues, managed our groups, and studied Music Business/Management at Berklee, I do possess more than the requisite knowledge to successfully run and manage a music group.


At this time, I know that I will be able to take advantage of this opportunity I have to become successful both in the legal community as well as the musical entertainment community.Through my focus on continued efforts and energy towards relevant matters, I should achieve a lot of success in the legal and music fields.Finally, because the vast majority of my efforts involve my own dedication, hard work and self-interest, I am I confident that I will continue to successfully obtain my seemingly never-ending quest for experience, knowledge, and happiness.


Thank you again for your interest in my website, and as it is my intent to provide you with entertainment, I do hope you
leave with a feeling of goodness.Be open to returning to my site in the future.I periodically post updates.



John Henrickson