Reflections on Life Overseas

A few vignettes from my time overseas.

May Raiter's 30th Birthday Party

May Raiter turns 30! Party at Medjool.

Hike to Bradley Hut in Tahoe

Eleven souls ascend the snowy wilderness to Bradley hut. I love showshoes.

Ted Ko's 10th Annual Ski Trip

Twenty-one souls make their way to Tahoe for the annual weekend of merriment.

Nice, France

Tim Crossley and I make a brief journey to Nice.

Toli Visits London

Toli came down from Leeds and visited for the weekend. Also met up with Anchal, Raj, Adib, Wasima, and others.

Edinburgh with Toli and Chris

Toli Kuznets and I journey from Leeds to meet up with his friend Chris in Edinburgh. I highly recommend the trip!

Day with Raj Gajwani

Raj Gajwani is in town for six weeks and crashed with me in London for a night.

Dinner with Mae Wu and Friends

Jennifer and Randy were in town, so Mae made the trek down to London and we got to eat tasty Moroccan food!

Holidays with Cindy

London, Southern France, Paris, and back.

Day with Jen Yeh

Jen Yeh visits from San Francisco.

An evening at Jude's Place

Beware of psychiatrist.

15 Minutes at Peckham Rye Station

Waiting for my train to Victoria Station from 22:58 to 23:12.


I had a couple of spare hours after a meeting and convinced Tim to wander around central Dublin with me.


A fortuitous afternoon meeting with Elizabeth leads to an unexpected Americanish Thanksgiving dinner.

Night out and London Eye

A night out with Americans and a visit to the largest bicycle wheel in London.


A one week, work-filled, whirlwind tour of Australia. Thanks to my colleagues for being great hosts!


Martha Yang and I explore Barcelona on my first out of London weekend tour.

Phillippa and Francois get married

Phillippa and Francois get married at the Cliff House! Woo hoo!

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